Command to Love VS. Disease to Please

What better way to start off my journey than with a book study? 

I hope many of you have read The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. I bought it on Black Friday this last year, and I am just now getting to reading it. If you haven’t heard of it or her, here it is. 

I have only read chapter one, and I am blown away by how much I KNOW I will love this book. Anyhow, let’s get down to it. Shall we?

In chapter one, Lysa talks about how ordering at the drive-thru causes her daughter panic attacks. I was reading it, and at first, I thought “Oh how silly. That’s ridiculous.” The more I read though, the more embarrassed I became. I am the exact same way. I do not go to the drive-thru without having to tell the person on the speaker to hold on so that I can decide what I want. It stresses me out. It’s not like I don’t know what I want either. I order the same thing every time! (Typically chicken nuggets because I eat like a picky two-year-old.) Lysa explains this phenomenon perfectly. She says,

“It’s not that she’ll think what she ordered is bad, it’s just that she’ll feel the tension of realizing she missed the best choice.”

My biggest problem is saying to too many things at the same time. It’s a serious problem, and I want to do better with it. 

When someone asks me to do something, my immediate (inner) response is , “Absolutely not. Why can’t you do it?” BUT my outer response is always, “Well let me check my planner.” After checking my planner, whether I be booked solid for three months or free for years, I say yes because I just can’t help it. I think I’m just too scared to know what others would say or think if I said no. So I allow myself to be run thin in order to get stuff done for everyone else except myself. 

I hope to learn how to better control myself in the future. 

I don’t know what else to say here except I hope you relate to this and will join me on this journey! Again, if you want to contact me with remarks or questions or really anything, my email is 

Help me to learn the difference in what you want me to do for the betterment of your kingdom versus what the world wants me to do. I want to be a beacon for your light through my darkest of days. I want to be the salt that seasons the world. I want to be there with you one day sitting at your feet. Amen. 



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